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Hriday Nirupai
Mahajivanar Adharxila
Nayana Tarali Sujata
Obirata Yatra
Popiya Tarar Xadhu
Rajiv Ishar

MAYABRITTA (The Circle of illusion)

First Published: 2012.Mayabritta is the story of a girl who born to her parents scorning their longing for a male child. She is remarkably different from her sisters who are sophisticated and reflects their parents. She is untidy, unruly and ugly, but her struggles, her burning desire to do something different establish her as a noted writer. The sophisticated and noted writer Nira is a reformation of that untidy girl Puti.When Puti was neglected by all, Subarna a neighbourhood boy encouraged Puti a lot. Subarna becomes an important character in various parts of the novel. The novel is a stage where a lot of characters appear and lots of events take place. There is a strong subterranean flow of feminism all throughout the novel. One can kill you several times, but each time you may survive with your strong zeal. In the similar way, the main character of the novel Puti survives each time. She is the exact manifestation of Assamese folk character Tejimola, who reborn each time as a creeper, lemon plant or as a lotus after her step-mother kills her. Nira struggles to establish a woman’s place in the society, to make people learn to respect the emotions, thoughts and self respect of a woman. Women are not for only fulfilling men’s lust. With true friendship, man and women can create a heaven in the world.