Dr Rita Chowdhury has been awarded with a number of literary awards and recognitions. Among those, the major awards are as follows:

  • Axom Xahitya Xabha Award (First Prize awarded in the Manuscript Competition of Novel) in 1981 for the Novel, Abirata Yatra.
  • Kalaguru Bishnu Prasad Rabha Award by Axom Xahitya Xabha, new Delhi in 2006 for the novel Deo Langkhui.
  • Sahitya Academy Award in 2008 for the novel Deo Langkhui.
  • Lekhika Samoroh Xahitya Bata in 2011 by Sadou Axom lekhika Samoroh Samittee.
  • A. Kulkarni Award for Translation of the novel, Makam in Marathi Language in 2013 by Goa Hindu association, Mumbai.
  • Certificate of merit Award in 2011 by IDPA, Mumbai for the Documentary, ‘The Divided Soul’.
  • Award for Excellence in Best Editing for ‘The Divided Soul’ (Docu) produced by Dr Chowdhury in Mumbai International Film festival in 2011.